Andrew Lewis and the Fight for America

In an age of deceit and dirty politics, some candidates hide their true principles in favor of victory. Austin Lewis is fed up with that style of campaigning. Lewis is currently in the midst of the Republican primaries and is seeking the chance to represent the 11th Congressional district of Pennsylvania.

Lewis has a resume filled with fighting for his beliefs with determination. At the age of 18, Lewis joined the Army. By 23, Lewis was named Special Agent and was in charge of a counter intelligence team in Korea. After 10 years of service in the Army and five commendation medals, Lewis still serves in the Pennsylvania National Guard.

His warrior spirit was shown during an event being held by the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women. When they extended an invitation to Sean Donahue, who is an alleged white nationalist, Lewis threatened to boycott the event. In an interview with The Rouser, Lewis explained:

“Not only is Donahue a white nationalist, he is a white supremacist. He will not stand up and fight for freedom for all Americans. We are a nation where all men are created equal, which includes equal opportunity for everyone. I want to stand up and fight for freedom for all Americans.”

Having more time to spend in his home state, Lewis has expanded his horizons and currently runs a successful construction business. As Chief Operating Officer of Tradesman Building Group, Lewis was recognized by The Central Penn Business Journal “Forty Under Forty” for being an emerging young leader.

If elected, Lewis plans to push for a stronger national defense and a free market health care system. He also promises to fight back against illegal immigration, and fight for a reasonable infrastructure bill.

With a variety of life experiences, Lewis at his core, is a family man. With a wife and three children, Lewis has done it all. As the interview with The Rouser came to a close, Lewis confidently said:

“As someone who has walked in their shoes, I can speak for them and fight for legislation that will not only befit my district, but all Americans.”


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