SOTU: “Why Tell The Truth?” Says Dr. Paul

Predictions are easy because you don’t have to guess what people are going to do when they are already telling you. Tonight the Democrats will go ahead and talk about how the Republicans are ruining the country and how the President hates [insert token minority group here], and the Republicans will say that this is the greatest time to be alive.

You know what we won’t hear? The good Dr. Ron Paul pretty easily stated he thinks that no talk of our monstrous and institutionalized policies regarding:

-The Federal Reserve, which has still not been audited.

-Our insane federal debt of $21 trillion dollars.

-Continued armed sales to Saudi Arabia

-Renewal of warrantless surveillance

Why won’t these be mentioned? Because when the show is over and the politicians go back to their offices, they’ll still be colluding, pushing forward the bureaucratic red-tape that they built together.

“We have no new ideas and we’re doing the same thing over and over” Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Liberty Report stated regarding economic policy and foreign military intervention, implying that regardless of the administration, both Democrats and Republicans have continued to push forward the war state and central planning. “What should US Policy be?” McAdams kept asking rhetorically.

“Everyone just wants to be top dog” the elder Paul reiterated. Why not give diplomacy, free markets, and limited government a chance? Wouldn’t that make for an interesting State of the Union?

“Why tell the truth?” Paul asks, leaving us to ponder if truth matters or if the word “liberty” will bother being mentioned.

Watch Below:

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