Vice President Pence Stands in Solidarity with the Jewish Resurrection

On January 27th, which is International Holocaust memorial day, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a touching video and respectable text to honor the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust:

A thoughtful tweet indeed. A tweet that showed his compassion for humanity while shining a light on how far the Jewish people have come. From ashes to building their own state, it’s irrefutable that the Jewish people are deserving of this recognition.  Surviving countless genocides and crusades, to now being accused of owning Hollywood and the banks, antisemitism has not withered away. In fact, antisemitism has increased over the last couple of years, yet Israel and the resilient Jewish people manage to prosper.

An extreme minority of the Jewish population, however, was not happy with Pence’s tweet. In fact, they were outraged, claiming that the idea of “resurrection” is a Christian belief that belongs to Pence and the Christian community with no relevance or importance to the Jewish community.

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV) rejected this criticism, defending Pence’s words. Vice President of the CJV, Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld stated, “Resurrection is the correct word to describe the rebirth of the Jewish people.” The statement is not far-fetched given that the global Jewish population before the holocaust was approximately 16 million, while currently the global Jewish population currently stands at 15 million.

Coupled with the touching gesture on International Holocaust memorial day, Pence has also visited the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery in University City, Missouri, after it was desecrated by antisemitic vandals. All of this in addition to addressing the Israeli government, Knesset (after which he blessed the government in Hebrew).

The criticism from left wing Jews is representative of the polarizing tactics the Left utilizes to make non-partisan issues, such as antisemitism, partisan. Unfortunately, this has been the case since the Trump administration has taken office and will most likely continue regardless of the courageous and generous actions the administration takes for the Jewish people. This however, is the reality of today’s society. It’s the conflicting ideas between people who believe God is necessary in society versus people who believe otherwise. The Judaeo-Christian values that keep society together are currently under attack, and to say otherwise is foolish.

In the words of Dennis Prager, “When you have big God, you have a small state. When you have small God, you have a big state.” In the spirit of opposing a big state that can take away our rights and lives, thank you Mr. Vice President for fighting antisemitism and resurrecting. We have indeed resurrected, and hope to continue to do so with your help.


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