Ending the Economic Harm Caused by Our Immigration System

From the day President Trump announced his campaign in 2015, he has taken a strong stance in protecting our borders and bringing reform to our immigration system. With endless amounts of controversy surrounding the Democrats’ resistance and their personal agenda when pushing for DACA, a compromise that puts American citizens first must be made.

Each year, more than two-thirds of legal immigrants in the US are based on familial relations. Because of this, 51 percent of immigrant-headed households relying on government assistance, thus costing the tax payers millions of dollars. Furthermore, 29 percent of immigrants over age 25 have less than a high school education. With millions of low-skilled immigrants, many low skill jobs have been taken from Americans, causing the bottom line of wages to fall. Real hourly wages for high school educated (or lower) Americans are now lower than they were in 1979. Something must be done.

To fix our legal immigration system, President Trump has proposed implementing policy that focuses more on the merits of the individual, rather than familial relations. However, Trump does still support allowing members of an immigrant’s nuclear family to become citizens as well. Another change that is being pushed is ending/changing the diversity visa lottery system. The ending of the visa lottery program and using those visas elsewhere would help bring more qualified and effective immigrants into our country, and that’s exactly what President Trump wants to do.

With these policies, stronger border security that includes a southern border wall, and an entry and exit tracking system, America may finally be on track to solve our immigration problems.

On this topic, President Trump simply said, “It is time to create a merit-based immigration system that makes sense for a modern economy – selecting new arrivals based on their ability to support themselves financially and to make positive contributions to U.S. society.”


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