Exclusive: The “America First” Candidate You Need To Meet

The “populist primary candidates” as some have called them, seemed to have died down after the defeat of Judge Roy Moore. It became increasingly clear that some prominent figures were willing to throw full support behind Moore, such as Steve Bannon who had his clout and reputation die. All of this was in a desperate effort to oust the establishment class of the Republican Party, in order to put in more supporters of President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

While many of those ragged and rowdy candidates flocked to Bannon for his affection and blessing, one congressional candidate currently running against Congressman Scott Taylor this primary season is a woman who has been able to stand tall and grow on her own just fine, without the support of individuals outside of her district.

Mary Jones, former councilwoman and Chair of the James Country Board, has a record of fiscal conservatism that needs no defense. In an interview with Mary before the GOP betrayal of fiscal sanity, thanks to the imploding deficits thanks to the Senate, she had stated that “they [sitting Republicans] turn around and raise taxes and obstruct the president at every turn.” Poking at the likes of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who “run as conservatives and govern like Democrats.”

Jones, while sporting the monicker of a “America First” styled populist candidate, differs from many of the protectionists in the field with her admiration of free markets and understanding of capitalism on a global scale. In today’s economy, standing on the premise that the United States “can’t write deals that only benefit one side, and have to stand strong continuing deregulation, cutting red tape, and encouraging free enterprise.” A firm line in the sand that separates her from the likes of the Jeff Flakes’ and John McCains’ of the GOP, is that she understands the full threat of a supranational governing force such as the United Nations, saying “Globalism is counter to protecting our borders, national sovereignty, and security.” She has also pledged to stand in firm opposition to all efforts in the House of Representatives of an “open borders agenda.”

Jones will face incumbent Scott Taylor on the June 12th Republican primary this year.


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