The Battle for Bexit Continues

Recent news has surfaced of George Soros channeling the sum of 400,000 pounds to overturn Brexit. While this secretive fund channeling has surfaced, its nothing new in the ongoing ills that Soros has committed over many years.

From creating websites that give a plethora of information geared toward wishful migrants about how to sneak into Europe, to investing over $20 million in Democratic efforts to defeat Bush back in 2004, his rap sheet is, to say the least: overflowing. Soros has now become another chess piece in the current arena of chaos that has been ongoing since the referendum for Brexit was commenced back in June of 2016. No deal has been made yet between Britain and the EU, and for good reason.

With Britain leaving the EU, trade markets with the two powerhouses of China and America will now be available without EU intervention. As of 2016, around “43% of UK exports in goods and services went to other countries in the EU in 2016—£240 billion out of £550 billion total exports.” It’s evident that Britain is a major player in the EU economy and since they make up about half of the total net exports, a lot is on the line. What has been overlooked with British/EU trading is that it can still go on with or without Britain being part of the EU. Britain is not dropping everything it has with other EU members, rather it wants to move on to broader markets. Moving toward these brighter pastures could come with a crippling price that could very well shift the entire direction of Brexit toward a possible retraction.

This point was expressed by Nigel Farage (leader of the Brexit Campaign and leading figure of UKIP) while discussing the £50 Billion “Divorce Bill” on Good Morning Britain, saying that “There has to be a fair deal.” Otherwise, there will be no deal. This is a legitimate point when considering what the UK actually owes the EU as there are many pending, long-term economic plans for other EU countries that are paid in large by Britain, as they are a dominant funding source for the EU projects.

From an American perspective, it looks like the EU just won’t let Britain leave the club. If a sovereign nation is to mean anything, it should mean the ability to have a final say in the nation’s own economy, no matter the institution that it may be apart of. The Euro failed Greece and the EU is failing to keep Britain. Time will tell if Britain holds firm with regard to Brexit or fail, and it will also be revealed if Farage’s famous words, “You all laughed at me…Well, you aren’t laughing now” are proven true.




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