The Republican Party is Imploding

Editor’s Note: The following is Michael Huling’s weekly Highlight.

Today, President Trump signed the latest omnibus spending bill, this time with a $1.3 trillion price tag. The bill is 2,232 pages long, and not a single congressman, senator, or president has read the bill in its entirety. This isn’t surprising of course, given that legislators were given mere hours to read the bill prior to voting. President Trump threatened to veto the bill, but instead capitulated on the issue.

The omnibus bill continues to fund Planned Parenthood, an unbelievably corrupt organization that kills over 300,000 unborn babies each year, totaling nearly eight million in the company’s history. The same organization that also donates millions of dollars to radical abortion fanatic Democrats continues to receive over $500 million in taxpayer funds every single year. The bill continues to fund sanctuary cities, which are openly and proudly defying federal law to protect illegal immigrants. It funds the export-import bank, furthering the corporate welfare abuse that plagues our economy. It expands the “Fix NICS” program, which jeopardizes the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights of hundreds of thousands of Americans by erroneously including them in a broad database which prevents them from being able to purchase a gun. The bill offers only a slight increase to defense funding, and an embarrassing $1.6 billion for the border wall.

President Trump said that Republicans “Had to waste money” on Democratic giveaways in exchange for the meager military and border funding. Which party is it that controls the House, Senate, and Presidency?

The omnibus bill is a pile of absolute garbage, so it’s not too surprising that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is ecstatic about its passage. “At the end of the day, as the minority party, we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways,” Schumer said. “We don’t have the House, we don’t have the Senate, we don’t have the presidency, but we produced a darn good bill for the priorities we have believed in.”

The bill clearly does a great job of accomplishing several Democratic goals, while simultaneously abandoning many of the promises that Republicans made to their voters while on the campaign trail. But at least Uncle Chuck is happy! Not to be outdone, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) also had high praise for this catastrophe, showing once again that he has the spine of a jellyfish.

The saying may be overstated, but it holds true nonetheless: Republicans campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats. If this keeps up, it will be actual Democrats governing within a short period of time. Not that there is much of a difference at this point. This is the kind of bill that Republicans would have attacked vigorously if it had been proposed by Democrats under Obama, and rightfully so.

It should be noted that there are some Republicans who took a stand, including much of the House Freedom Caucus, and the most conservative senators. These Republicans should be commended for their willingness to put principle over party, and not cower to the demands of the rest of the big government Republican Party. In a long Twitter thread, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) provides an extensive look into the countless examples of waste and abuse that are found throughout the bill.

The idiocy surely isn’t limited to Congress, as the chaos within the White House is perhaps more evident now than ever. Last week, President Trump replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with former CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Yesterday, he announced that John Bolton will be taking over for H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser. I’m in favor of both of these particular moves, but they demonstrate the instability of Trump’s cabinet that has existed since he took office. The White House seemingly has a revolving door at this point, so it’s anyone’s guess who will be gone next (Chief of Staff John Kelly?)

President Trump has also doubled down on his moronic tariff proposal, and the immediate results have been disastrous. The S&P 500 and DOW both fell over five percent this week in response to the tariffs, making this the worst week for the stock market since January 2016. China has announced a plan to enact massive tariffs in retaliation, amounting to over $3 billion worth of U.S. goods.

The president’s Twitter continues to be an issue, as he has now directed his attention to picking a fight with former Vice President Joe Biden. In a speech discussing sexual assault, Biden said about Trump, “If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.” Rather than take the high road or simply show an ounce of decency, President Trump responded:

The days of brilliant statesmen like Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan showing complete class and virtue while representing America have apparently become nothing more than a distant memory. Instead, President Trump continues to tweet asininity, displaying the maturity of a six-year-old boy who had his toy taken from him. Although, it would be nice if someone took Trump’s damn phone away.

All of this indicates that both the Republican-controlled Congress and White House are in complete and utter disarray. The Democrats just picked up a congressional seat in the Pennsylvania 18th district, a district that Trump won by 20 points in the 2016 election. Near the end of last year, the Democrats won the senate race in Alabama, a state that Trump won by 28 points. These are just two of the several seats that Democrats have won in special elections since Trump took office. The generic congressional polls for 2018 give Democrats about a six point advantage, making it a very real possibility that Republicans lose the House in the midterm elections.

If Republicans continue to pass dreadful legislation like the omnibus bill, and President Trump continues to drag the party down with him, then they can welcome Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) back as Speaker of the House. In all likelihood, the blue wave that Republicans are bracing for will end up being a blue tsunami, and the first thing on the to-do list for Speaker Pelosi will be to impeach President Trump.

This week’s Highlight clearly turned into more of an irritated rant, so this seems to be a good time to shift to more upbeat topics.

The Fun Stuff:

March Madness continues to blow me away. There are already a pair of nine seeds and an 11 seed in the Elite Eight. The rest of the Sweet 16 games will be played tonight, and in a tournament that has been full of surprises, it’s impossible to say what will happen with any level of certainty.

The NBA season is also winding down, and this could very well be the year that the Warriors’ reign over the Western Conference comes to an end, as the Rockets appear to be the favorite to win it all. LeBron James is miraculously carrying the Cavaliers single-handedly, but that’s nothing new. This has become the expectation for the best basketball player of all-time. Yes, LeBron is a better player than Jordan. No, championships are not the best metric to measure player ability. Obviously.

I’m also on spring break next week, which is much needed after a week like this one. I’m still trying to decide if I will be reading on the beach or drinking on the beach, but I’ve been informed that these options are not mutually exclusive.

Most exciting of all, baseball season finally begins next week! The air will be fresh, the birds singing, the Yankees winning the World Series come October, and all will be right in the world. Maybe I shouldn’t go that far (see the paragraphs leading up to The Fun Stuff), but a little optimism can’t hurt. In any case, I promise to be much more positive in next week’s Highlight.

Have a great weekend and God bless.


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One comment

  1. This weeks Huling highlight delivers a scathing rebuke of the omnibus spending bill, and rightfully so! So much spending and waste! While I support the funding provisions for our military and veterans, the frivolous expenditures are outright ridiculous! This Congress is spending money like drunken sailors! As a former 20 year Navy veteran, the only difference I see is that sailors have the common sense to stop spending when they run out of money! I speak from experience on this issue! The President stated that he would never sign a bill like this again! I suppose we shall see!
    I’m looking forward to seeing how March Madness shakes out! Go Blue Devils! I’m also looking forward to the start of the baseball season, go Yankees!!!


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