Why Do We Take This Form?

Editor’s Note: The following is Will Nardi’s Sunday Reflection.

As Libertarians, we love ideas. To us, it doesn’t matter if we heard them from Hayek or a hippie—anything that makes sense to us and promotes love and freedom is what we will advocate for. Unfortunately, the rest of society does not share our affinity, and absence of prejudice.

As the cover photo suggests, I very plainly suggest to you that while I may take this form on the outside, on the inside my internal code is different than what the external would at first suggest. As you get to know me, however, the nuances of my behavior will hopefully reveal the love of Christ that I am trying to share with you.

As we continue to move and operate in this world, we must learn how to create the forms which are necessary to interact with society and grow our mission. Otherwise, we would be just like the Amish, secluded and unable to do anything outside of our slowly diminishing communities. Perhaps that is why Protestant congregations have taken to electric worship music and dress in skinny jeans and faded haircuts.

The rest of society only operates on appearances, and they need to see that we can fit in to disarm while coming to learn that there is the love of Christ underneath.

This, of course, is a mission that is personal to me and other Christians, but for all second-hand dealers of ideas, it is incumbent upon us to learn how to be the best Ambassadors of our ideas. As Morton Blackwell says, “You owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win.”

That is what we do here at the Classy Libertarian. We take the form of what is most viable without sacrificing our values. We learn how to speak the language of those in foreign lands so that they can hear our message. We lead so that we can serve.

As you go about your days this week, pay careful attention to what you are exhibiting and how people are reacting. Once you take stock and begin self-reflecting, you’ll know how you need to adjust so that you can better proceed.

If you feel something is stopping you or holding you back, you must meet it head-on to regain your sense of internal peace. Otherwise, your ideas will be covered in shadows and you might as well not even be trying. Once these moral or ethical questions have been dealt with, then you may proceed.

Once you finish them, write about it! And let other people know what you have uncovered and what it means. We find solutions and apply them to our identity. That is the value of an Applied Philosophy piece at the Classy Libertarian.


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