Elevate Your Watch Game Starter Guide

Women pay attention. They may say that your style isn’t important, but first impressions last a lifetime. Talk to enough women and apart from just your wardrobe, the three items notice when checking you out from head to toe are your belt, watch, and shoes. These three items can show that you pay attention to detail, and can tie a good outfit together in a way that states, “I pay attention to every detail, and I’ll do the same for you.”

I’ve got some street cred here and there, but the one thing people who have met me will always say is that my watch game is unmatched. Watches are one of the very few accessories a man can truly mess around with and take pride in, and they can make a grand statement about you. The watch doesn’t make the man, but the man makes the watch. Regardless of your view of frivolous materialism, a good timepiece shows an exterior snapshot into a man’s soul in an intimate way that few other things can.

So, can you sport the next James Bond watch without breaking the bank? Yes, and you can do so for under $150 if you’re just getting started.

10. The Minimalist Three-Hand Brown Leather Watch ($115)

“You can get lost looking into that blue ocean” my girlfriend said when gazing into that majestic, near crystal blue face. The contrasting bold silver body matched with the soft brown leather strap pulls these three colors together to create a watch that can be worn for dress occasions and for casual days of relaxation. The minimalist features of the watch gives it a timeless feeling, but a hip look that is sure to stand out anywhere.

9. MVMT Rosewood ($145)

As beautiful as a forest in summer, this movement watch exudes a unique pizzazz that most watches don’t carry. MVMT was made by two friends in college for guys that wanted luxury watches, without a luxury watch price. I own an MVMT and will often gift one of their watches to friends and family. The boxing presentation alone is an eye-catcher and their watches are made for the guy that likes the way he looks, without looking fearfully at the price. I am a firm believer that every dude should own an MVMT watch.

8. Timex MK1 Aluminum ($79)

This brings back the essence of an old school Steve McQueen watch. The layered Nato strap top of the band wrapped with a smooth and tight interior leather matches perfectly with the effortless easy reader numbering and glow in the dark features. Perfect for a camping trip or the urban jungle.

7. Relic Stainless Steel ($80)

Black is the new silver, and Relic takes the style of an old school steel bodied watch and mixes it with jet black steel and a raven red face. This is a watch that demands the attention of everyone in the room.

6. 2017 Jaragar Luxary Orologio ($23)

I’ve always wanted that classic Tag watch from Steve McQueen’s “Les Mans,” without the price of a Tag Heuer watch. Luckily, Jaragar has created perhaps the best quality and cheapest automatic watch on the market. I own this watch and let me tell you, no one can tell the difference between this cheap masterpiece and the authentic Tag Heuer Monaco design on which it’s based.

5. Casio EF106SG Dress Watch ($49.95)

If you’re going to own any watch, have at least one Casio in your collection. It was good enough for a U.S. President, so it’s good enough for you.

4. Goodwin Chronograph ($125)

Fossil is a college guy’s best friend, and this specific watch will fool people into thinking that you spent way more than you actually did. Great with a blazer and jeans.

3. Treehut Zebrawood+Ebony 31 ($119)

Dollars to donuts says wooden watches will be the next fad for men. Treehut watches are one of the best brands in wooden watches and will show that you love the functionality of a classic timepiece, while wanting to stick out in a crowd. “Wow” is what you’ll hear often when caught with this piece, followed up by people asking the price and where they can get one.

2. Komono unisex KOM W1-901 ($99.95)

Komono is a newer affordable watch brand to jump on the scene, and this untreated leather strap with a bold and minimal face can compliment any mood or occasion for the perfect price.

1. Invicta Speedway ($106)

Want a Rolex without a Rolex price? The Invicta Speedway is your best friend. This was my gateway drug into the addictive world of watches, and it oozes timeless class.


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