Why Virginian Gun Owners Should Back Shak

Shak Hill is a candidate for Congress that has me excited — and I do not get easily excited over political campaigns. Gun Owners of America has endorsed his campaign for Virginia’s tenth congressional district, and for good reason.

Shak is a constitutionalist who truly understands what “shall not be infringed” means. He outlined his Second Amendment views in an Ammoland interview, noting that “The people are the sovereign. The government is restricted by the Constitution, not the people. The Second Amendment is the only protection the people have against an overarching government. History is replete with this reality. Let the Second Amendment stand strong as the only protector of the individual.”

Not only does Shak strongly oppose gun control measures like a so-called “assault weapons ban” and universal background checks, he has also opposed bump stock bans and raising the age to buy a firearm. While some Republicans support these gun control proposals, he remains steadfastly in opposition.

“There is a renewed call to ban bump stocks and limit the size of the magazines. And neither bump stocks or large magazines were used in the Florida shooting. This is a totally disingenuous effort to subvert our [Second Amendment] rights,” Shak said.

Furthermore, Shak opposed the nasty “Fix NICS” bill, which will disarm veterans, medical marijuana users, and those with unpaid traffic tickets. He also does not support the archaic regulations of the National Firearms Act.

Shak truly is a gun owner’s dream congressional candidate, and all gun rights advocates should back Shak for Congress.


Jordan Stein is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America (GOA), a grassroots organization representing more than 1.5 million gun owners. He can be followed on Twitter @jordankstein


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