Insight from a Liberty Lady

The eternal back and forth of dating has surely evolved since the first cavemen picked up their phones and swiped right on Tinder, or something like that. When it comes to the dating world in the era of fake news and emotional hyper-sensitivity, it’s hard to just go up and ask a prospective date if they stand for the flag or if they have a preferred gender pronoun.

For conservatives and libertarians, the two-way tango of finding a love interest has seemed to hit those on the right the hardest. This topic has littered my Facebook feed for months, with story after story after story full of alternative facts and fake news; everything is just unbelievable, totally unbelievable.

So what’s the issue?

I reached out to one of my favorite, beautiful liberty loving ladies, Britney Lopez. Britney has been around the block with Turning Point USA and the Leadership Institute, along with sitting on the board of the Young Latino Leadership Caucus.

So what juicy insight did we get? Everything but her number fellas…

Remso: Is the conservative dating pool really as empty as it seems?

Britney Lopez: For me yes, I live in Orlando, which is a very blue part of Florida. Unless I lived in the south, the conservative pool for me is limited. There’s tons out there, just not were I live.

R: Republican women have a reputation of consistently being more attractive than Republican men, what gives? 

BL: Conservatives and Libertarians are just not that creative, (stereotypical liberals are super artsy and “freethinkers”) therefore I don’t think conservatives shoot for “looks” because it’s not part of their nature. As long as they look “professional” that’s about as much effort as they put. Republican women are fiscally responsible but also fiscally challenged…by that I mean we love extravagant things and keeping up with fashion and with the trends that “people with money” practice. We don’t gotta buy the part, we just got to dress the part…

R: Would you/have you ever dated someone that was of a opposite political ideology?

B: I dated a leftist libertarian once while I was a right-wing Republican…he made fun of everything I said…as do most liberals. I’m a libertarian now but no, I will not date anyone who leans left. Also, I did not study politics in school or even work in politics, its a hobby I throughly enjoy. So it’s a part of me and I won’t shy away with it when it comes to “relationship” moments.

R: Do you think libertarian men come off creepy? 

BL: Yes. Most of them come from an IT background, so pretty much a male dominant industry….their social habits when picking up girls aren’t the best.

R: What do right leaning women want in a man? 

BL: Ambition, Loyalty & Responsibility

R: Do you think it’s better to date someone you like and convert them or find someone that already believes the way you do? 

BL: Converting people to conservatism is my hobby, I don’t want to argue with my partner to change him. I’d rather take a man who I don’t have to change.

R: Is a “taxation is theft tattoo” sexy? 

BL: Yes, in a weird way.

R: What do you think is the biggest issue with the dating pool for conservatives and libertarians as it stands?

BL: Social habits. It’s a very “bromance” community, sometimes it comes across as weird when including females.

R: Do you think libertarians and conservatives focus too much on politics? 

BL: Yes, but thats not an issue to me.

R: Ideal date- dinner and a movie or a range date? 

BL: Range date, I hate movies. (I probably eliminated 75% of my prospects with that statement) You pay to sit silent in a dark room for 2hrs wondering whether to caress your date that you just met! Is it just me that I think that’s creepy?

R: Republican men have this idea that if they go to a convention and dress like a 1950’s dad, they’ll pull women- accurate or inaccurate?

BL: I love a good dad suit… it’s humbling. But then they open their mouth…and that’s where the problem lies. Women who don’t like dad suits are probably too high maintenance.

R: Bowties- hot or not? 

BL: Mmmm..honestly it depends. If your clothes are too tight and you wear one, it makes you look high maintenance. But I love a good American Flag bowtie.

R: Biggest message you want to get across to the bros? 

BL: Don’t bring up cryptocurrency & conspiracy theories on the first date.

R: How else do you know if they are woke about the Federal Reserve?!?!?!

BL: lol I’ll know if he pays for dinner

Go see if Britney will let you pay for dinner with Bitcoin by following her on Twitter @xXBritneyStarXx


Remso W. Martinez is a journalist and political commentator in the D.C. area. Remso is the author of the upcoming book “Stay Away From The Libertarians!” available on Amazon on June 23, 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @Remso101


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