Racist Roseanne Doesn’t Represent Real Conservatives and Never Did

ABC family’s attempt at reaching out to the right has failed. Roseanne Barr, the star of the hit revival Rosanne, tweeted racist comments earlier today, confirming that she represents the worst of Trump supporters, and that religious conservatives belong in our own separate class.

Just a few months ago when she was brought back on air, political conservatives lauded that there was finally a show on the air that represented the “real Americans.” But even then “Roseanne’s character is pro-gay-marriage, pro-abortion, feminist, and pro-transgenderism — and the implication is that she is a good person because of these views,” conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote.

With Barr’s angry tweet storm, however, she’s finally revealed that she’s aligned with the deeply racist strain of Trumplicans and still doesn’t represent religious conservatives. Yet, the praise Barr has received from political conservatives and those coming to her defense today further proves that our country has deeply lapsed spiritually, and the term “conservative” has really just become a euphemism for lukewarm-Christians enabled by Trump to slip into the ‘alt-lite.’

These Trumplicans blame immigrants for the issues with our country, but the fact is it’s not about where you’re from or what your skin color is—it’s about whether or not you’ve given your heart to the LORD and if you’ve truly surrendered to letting Him change you.

We are called to live with our identities separate from the rest of society, not live Christian values “culturally.” Any attempt Christians make at compromising their identity in Christ with the world will inevitably fail because we are citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20), and it’s time to stop pretending like the alt-lite is an acceptable cross between the two.

If you are motivated by anything than a pure desire for God, then you’ve already succumbed to temptation. I know far too many Catholics and Christians that think they can somehow walk the line by the way they dress, the way they talk, and more and more frequently, the replacement of a desire to evangelize with xenophobia. Just look at all the Christians who’ve supported deporting undocumented immigrants on DACA.

Even just 15 years ago as I was growing up, I could turn on the TV and see the values I learned in Church reinforced in what I learned on TV. Shows like Drake and Josh, ICarly, and basically anything on Disney Channel could be relied on for wholesome entertainment. Now that we’re older, my friends are watching old reruns of these shows because everything else on TV has become so violently degenerate that if you actually try to live that lifestyle your life will come to ruin.

Unfortunately, I know many people who even then didn’t go to Church and have now stunted their growth trying to relive their childhood as an adult. And if they support any kind of right-wing policy, many now find themselves in the Trump camp, donning their MAGA hats and sharing increasingly disgusting memes with one another to find social acceptance for their darkest impulses.

Meanwhile, most Christians have pulled out of society entirely. I can’t turn on the TV without getting some kind of socialist or culturally Marxist subliminal or overt messaging. Rosanne wasn’t made for us; but rather, it was designed to pull in Trump supporters who’ve compromised Christian family values yet are too stubborn to go back to Church.

Even last night, I tried watching a series on Netflix called Explained designed for people like me to be introduced to extreme social changes happening in the country. The topic of the first episode was monogamy and why we shouldn’t buy into the lie that we were meant to be with one person forever. They claimed that humans are so bad at keeping faithful to our relationships that we should just give up altogether.

When I have children, I will never let them grow up on a diet of secular TV. Things have gotten so bad today that if we let them become socialized into the environment outside of the Church they will inevitably fall to ruin. We have now entered a time period where its time to set up our barricades and settle in for the long haul.

As lukewarm Christians continue to rebel and think they can compromise, we must remain pillars of the faith, steadfast in our determination to seek Christ. When their chaotic lives finally come crashing down, we must be there for them as Christ was for us, to pick them up and give them a seat at the table. We need to learn from our mistakes before we admit to Christ that we need Him to change us. And if you haven’t figured out by now how bad things are then open your eyes because it’s never too late to return to Christ.



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