WATCH: 10 Shockingly Illegal Things

Oh boy, I’m so happy I live in a world where the peace loving government that keeps the seas low and the roads paved has allowed me to go to work so I can give them half of my paycheck. Without government, how would we exist?

Okay, the statists have probably stopped reading by now…

Ever ask yourself what the role of government is? Try asking again after learning how on Earth anyone though these laws made any freaking sense then and why they make sense now.


Pumping gas is illegal in New Jersey (New York Times) 

-No underboob in Thailand (The Guardian)

-Illegal to cut a cactus in Arizona (Allan Law)

-China banned Winnie the Poo (BBC)

-Snowball fights are illegal in Colorado (collegian)

-In Washington state it is illegal to shoot Big Foot (National Geographic)

-In Alabama it is illegal to have sex with a virgin (Huffpo)

-Can’t eat fried chicken with a fork in Georgia (rd.com)

-No cursing while driving (rocknet.org)

-Can’t collect seaweed in New Hampshire (dumblaws.com)


Remso W. Martinez is a journalist and political commentator in the D.C. area. Remso is the author of the upcoming book “Stay Away From The Libertarians!” available on Amazon on June 23, 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @Remso101

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