The Death of the Boy Scouts

Well, it’s official. The Boy Scouts are dead. As much as it hurts me to utter this defeating phrase, it must be spoken forth since it’s the truth. For those who haven’t heard the news or seen the myriad of media reactions, the Boy Scouts will now be accepting girls into their ranks, and changing their name to Scouts BSA. As an Eagle Scout myself, I can’t, in good conscience, stand for this, and I’m almost ashamed to describe myself as an Eagle Scout. Seeing the Boy Scouts essentially dismantle their fundamental values for the sake of political correctness and caving to the demands of the left does nothing but harm the development of both young boys, and girls. Now, if this were any other youth organization, I probably wouldn’t so indignant, but this is the Boy Scouts we’re talking about. This organization is one of the few organizations made by and for young boys; one of the few that genuinely prepares boys to become men. Doing so is a noble endeavor, but that isn’t even the biggest problem here.

One of the quintessential goals that the radical left has on its agenda is destroying the idea of gender as a binary system. They don’t just want men and women to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law (which they are), they want men and women to literally be the same. That’s why they want girls to join the Boy Scouts. They claim that girls are the same as boys, so there should be no reason for them not to be in a boys-only organization that aims to strengthen the traits that boys naturally have. That’s where the biggest problem rears its ugly head.

There’s no way around characteristic gender differences. Men and women, by their nature, are different. Their bodies do different things, and they’re better than each other in certain areas, which our society has reflected for centuries. This is precisely why organizations like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts exist. Boys by their nature are stronger, faster, more assertive, and more adept leaders. As a result, the Boy Scouts teach skills that cater to those attributes, like Backpacking, Emergency PreparednessFamily LifeWilderness Survival, and Personal Fitness (those just being five of over 130 different merit badges that the Boy Scouts offer). However, if the Boy Scouts let girls in, much of the old and traditional curriculum would have to be either changed or removed altogether. However, with all of this in mind, there actually could be a reasonable solution to all of this controversy.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand girls wanting to do the things that the Boy Scouts do, and in fact, I’m all for it. And if the Girl Scouts need to fix the problems within their organization in any way, maybe they should collaborate with the Boy Scouts to develop a constructive solution to solve the current controversy. They could, for example, merge their parent organizations, simply calling the new creation Scouting. Under that parent organization, they could form three distinct and smaller organizations: one strictly for boys (Boy Scouts), one strictly for girls (Girl Scouts), and one that’s coed. If the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are able to come to a compromise, share similar requirements (with a few possible tweaks for the different boys and girls groups) and the same advancements to reach Eagle Scout, then that would be a much better solution. But as it stands now, both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts are dead. The Girl Scouts will start losing members by the truckload as they move over the the Boy Scouts, and the Boy Scouts will have to essentially uproot their core tenets to accommodate their new members, which will only cause their membership to drop even more than it already has. Rest in peace Boy Scouts. You had a good run.


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