July Man of the Month: Nick Freitas

Each month, The Classy Libertarian names a ‘Man of the Month,’ to let our readers know about a gentleman that exemplifies the title of our publication. This month, we have chosen Nick Freitas. Mr. Freitas was gracious enough to take some time to answer a few questions we had about him.

What does it mean to be classy?

see “Ron Burgundy”…that’s a joke.
I think being classy begins with being able to comport yourself in a way that is honest, dependable and charming. I think there are two general categories of “classiness” that we look at. One category is primarily focused on charm and refinement of manners and dress and the other the refinement of one’s character. Therefore, to be “truly classy” is to combine the two categories. To display wisdom, honesty, integrity, and love with a healthy amount of wit, humor, intellectual rigor and charm.
I’d let you know when I get there…but that wouldn’t be very classy.

What qualities define a man of character?

Love, courage, humility, honor, and wisdom come to mind. Not just physical courage, although I do believe that is a component. The courage to stand by one’s convictions combined with the wisdom to select the right convictions in the first place. I find it frustrating when we hold up “standing up for what you believe in” as some kind of inherent good. If what you believe is wrong or harmful, you shouldn’t stand for it, you should learn from it and make better decisions going forward. So character involves not only courage but wisdom, honor, love and a genuine seeking after truth. A person of character is always seeking truth and is willing to fight for it.

What are your favorite books?

In no particular order…
The Law – Bastiat
Intellectuals and Society – Sowell
Basic Economics – Sowell
The End of Reason – Zachariahs
Economics in One Lesson – Hazlitt
War in the Shadows – Asprey
Pride and Prejudice – Austen (I once won a pub trivia question because I was the only guy in the place that could name all of Jane Austen’s books…now that’s classy!)
Count of Monte Cristo – Dumas
The Bible – God

What is your current line of work?

I own a business that provides independent consulting with an emphasis on national security.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Chico CA, moved around a lot while I served in the military and have called Virginia home ever since I had a real say in the matter.

Would you say you’re a conservative or a (l)ibertarian?

I don’t believe that is an “either/or” proposition. My political philosophy essentially begins with the concept that everyone has inherent worth, dignity and the right to live their life the way they want provided they don’t infringe on the right of someone else to do the same. Governments responsibility is to protect human freedom, not micromanage peoples lives and so politicians should not see the government or the law as an apparatus whereby they diminish human freedom in the name of “organizing society” in a way they prefer. In that, since I am very (l) libertarian or “liberty-minded.” I also want to “conserve” and protect those institutions which I believe have proven to be valuable in the preservation of human dignity and freedom. That doesn’t mean I believe that any document or institution created by people is flawless, but I do believe that our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, etc. have served us well and I desire to conserve not only these documents but the ideals they were designed to achieve.

Who are your biggest influences, political or otherwise?

Bastiat, Hayek, Jefferson, Washington, Sowell, my mother and father and my wife Tina have all been incredibly influential. I think Bastiat’s “The Law” is one of the greatest works of political philosophy ever written. The man does more in 70 pages than others do in 1000 page tomes. Ultimately the largest influence in my life is the ultimate liberator of the oppressed, Jesus Christ.

 Any fun facts about yourself?

My wife Tina and I got married very young (19 & 20). I was in the 82nd Airborne Division at the time and we rode an armored vehicle from our wedding to the reception. We have 3 kids: Lilly, Luke, and Ally, 3 Boxers: Abigail, Johnny and Herschel and 3 Cats: Booty, Phoenix and Norita.
Serving as a Green Beret in Iraq I once had a mustache so glorious…so…Tom Selleck-esque, that the locals called me “Father of Mustache”. My mustache and Chuck Norris now hang out at a bar on Fort Bragg, waiting for when America needs them again.

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