The 10 Most Hardcore Libertarian Date Ideas

Want to spice up your love life with a little liberty? I’ve got you covered.

10. Range Date

There are very few things sexier than watching a woman who can shoot. Even if she misses, she is remarkably hotter than girls who don’t shoot at all.

9. Crypto Only

Only got Litecoin or Dash or some Bitcoin Cash in your pocket? Google local businesses in your area and hop around town to support the crypto-agorist community. Buy your love a bagel with Bitcoin, or a red dress with Dash or a lovely evening dinner with Ethereum. You’ll be amazed what new and fun things you might find and the fun you’ll share together!

Want to learn how to buy crypto the easiest way possible? I got you covered!

8. PorcFest, FreedomFest, LibertyCon, Oh My!

Lovers of liberty have more fun! Find the nearest convention and party like it’s massively deregulated 1929 baby!

7. Watch All Three Atlas Shrugged Films Back to Back

These films are so terrible they are funny. This is a true test of a relationship.

6. Go to a Protest or Rally

Or start one, there are so many things to protest so go wild (figuratively speaking).

5. Go Find Someone Selling Raw Milk and Drink it in Front of Cops

The cops literally won’t care, seriously. Only dumb regulators and politicians are triggered by raw milk.

4. Get Matching ‘End the Fed’ Tattoos

Show your love is stronger than your hatred for the Fed.

3. Go Dancing at the Jefferson Monument

You can because it’s now totally legal.

2. Donate to a DonorSee Project Together

You both would literally be saving the world in a totally voluntary way while supporting the only libertarian charity organization around.

1. When in Doubt, Drink

Because seriously, you both are probably funnier after a few shots.


Remso W. Martinez is a journalist and Amazon bestselling author of “Stay Away From the Libertarians!” You can follow him on Twitter @RemsoForVa or on his website rwmartinez.com.


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