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After Buzzfeed and Covington Ordeal, Conservatives Should Be Weary of Anti-Trump Media Narratives

While most members of the mainstream media won’t want to admit it, this past week has been a major blow to their credibility.

Between false allegations in a Buzzfeed report stating that Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, to the massive twitter pile-on towards some young high school students falsely accused of harassing a Native American at the March for Life, the mainstream media did Trump a favor by proving right his rhetoric that they are Fake News.

Surprisingly, several prominent conservative thinkers, mainly on the Never-Trump side of the aisle, also jumped on these false stories.

As a young Conservative, I’m currently subscribed to National Review, and Commentary magazine, and listen to all their podcasts – The Editors, Ordered Liberty, Commentary, etc. I don’t follow the Never-Trump side of the conservative movement because I enjoy them dunking on the President when he deserves it, but because I learn a lot about federal law and the Constitution, as well as American history and foreign policy. I also follow this side of the conservative movement because it strengthens my conservative views.

Yet, regardless of one’s views on the President, we have to admit that their is an inherent bias within the media that actually affects the way we perceive what is currently happening in the country.

There is an abundance of evidence of media bias, but let’s start by talking about the Buzzfeed report about Trump telling Cohen to something something Russia. From the release of the report until Mueller disputed the claims, Never-Trump conservative twitter, which includes individuals like David French, who I admire both as a man and intellectual, were having a field day with their “BIG IF TRUE” Twitter rants as if this was the day that would finally bring down Trump.

Now while I will admit that several Never-Trump conservatives, like David French walked back their BIG IF TRUE impeachment rhetoric, it causes damage within the conservative movement to blindly believe anything that fits the media’s narrative. It also helps the media if conservatives are at each other’s throat every time one of these bombshell stories get released. Time and time again, these stories have been found to be riddled with inaccuracies.

The media further damaged its credibility just 24 hours later by releasing a story portraying a group of Catholic high school students harassing a Native American man in front of the Lincoln Memorial. But before more videos were released showing that this was not the case, can you guess what the media did? They jumped the gun again.

They accused a bunch of Catholic high schoolers wearing MAGA hats of harassing the Native American. Why? Because the media only published part of the video that showed both the young teenager and the Native American man in each other’s faces. The media lied to everyone, again. The full video shows the Native American man, and a group of other men, approaching the kids and harassing them.

The media lied to everyone and the several members of the conservative movement, like NY Post editor Sohrab Ahmari, The VIew Host Meghan McCain, and CNN “Republican” commentator Ana Navarro (who later deleted the tweet which called the Covington students racist), swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Although these prominent Conservatives thinkers apologized after the fact when they realized that they were being lied to, the damage was already done.

I pointed out several conservatives like, French, and Ahmari not to criticize them for lying (they are some of the most honest conservative thinkers I know although I may not agree with them all the time), but to point out that the media has a strong effect on what people believe. The media, as biased as it is, still has power over many individuals who know that the media is biased, yet for some reason jump on any story that makes Trump and his supporters look bad without waiting for the facts.

The hatred from the progressive left and the Democrats are understandable in situations like these. But to expect this type of behavior from the conservative Never Trump crowd is something I would have never imagined.

With that in mind, this past week has taught us a valuable lesson. A lesson I thought everyone learned after the Kavanaugh ordeal. A lesson I thought knowledgeable people, which includes many of the conservative thinkers I follow, would have learned by the now.

The media’s apparent hatred for Trump causes them to do, say, and publish anything just to get an opportunity to make him and his supporters like myself look bad. To accept their narrative on such as the Buzzfeed report and the Covington students is why many conservatives like myself get angry at the media and Never-Trumpers, and it’s why people like me don’t mind it when the President calls the media Fake News.

The self-righteousness of those conservatives who dislike the President shouldn’t get in the way of telling the truth or jumping the gun of baseless stories. I’m not saying support Trump or stop correcting the President when he is wrong. Conservatives like myself are grateful for those individuals who continue to stand up for our values in the face of the constant assault from the progressive left, and sometimes even from Trump himself.

What is commendable about conservatives though, especially those that dislike the President, is their willingness to apologize and own up to their mistakes. Editors at the National Review recently stated that although “the condemnations were vitriolic [towards the Covington boys] including here at National Review.,” all they could do “is own up to mistakes when they happen.”

“We apologize to our readers and especially to the Covington students, who didn’t need us piling on,” stated the Editors at National Review.

Likewise, Sohrab Ahmari also came out and apologized for his role in what became a “false narrative [that] took a life of its own,” against the Covington students. “In short, every institution that could have prevented this miscarriage of justice compounded it instead. I won’t bore you with uplift that will ring hollow in your moment of crisis. But don’t apologize for a thing, boys of Covington Catholic.”

This is why I follow these conservative thinkers, like Ahmari and others at National Review. They’re honest with themselves and they own up to their mistakes. However, they could use some advice from a young conservative: please stop jumping the gun on BIG IF TRUE articles that are not supported by any evidence, and please stop pouncing on unsuspecting people on twitter when they did nothing wrong.

This type of behavior from this side of the conservative movement will only grow Trump’s base. It will only continue to empower him, and if you want him gone and think conservatives like myself are going to forget this type of behavior from this side of the conservative movement, you’re wrong. If the media continues with this behavior over the next two years leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, they might be in for one big, unpleasant surprise. People like me will feel more than happy voting for Trump again.

During a time in which conservatives need to be united against a progressive front that is attacking our values every day, the last thing we need to be doing is attacking each other when the media wants us to.


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