About Us

Every human being wakes up in the morning and lives their identity. This identity is such many have subliminally fashioned through following those around them for fulfilling the requirements to sustain their lives. Those who have begun to expose themselves to a diversity of ideas will realize that these identities that we originally developed are not inherent assumptions of every human being, and I would contend none of us are born with any inherent knowledge.

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing.” -Socrates

When we realize through trial and error in life that arrogance is folly as the universe conditions us for humility. This is the basis of libertarianism as a political ideology.

Many have broadly described our philosophy as being socially liberal, yet fiscally conservative, but that is simply not the case. These days some “libertarians” like Charles Murray have pragmatically chosen to support Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposals because they believe there will one day come a time when automation will displace so many jobs that it will become necessary to forcibly take from another what we have not earned from them.

This is a fundamentally socialist idea and breaks a fundamental premise of our site’s particular school of Libertarian thought: Objectivism.

Ayn Rand, Objectivism’s most notable proponent, famously coined the Non-Aggression Principle or NAP to describe man’s ability to pursue his fundamental right to happiness provided he did not directly harm another in the process. Randian libertarians, along with many other philosophers who would be categorized in the spectrum, believe that the aggression of force is inherently illegitimate because every human being has a right to pursue his self-interest, and if we, in fact, live in a logically objective external reality, then what is good for one human being must be good for another.

For example, we are free speech absolutists because we humbly believe that we are all pursuing our rational self-interest and while we may not agree with other’s ideas, we recognize that our own ideas are subject to change as we are developing our personal identities.

When two or more people agree on certain conclusions about the social order of human beings, they form a community. Communities are built and sustained on integrity towards their value system, and many communities include provisions for how to be forgiven when you have done something against the interests of your shared identity.

Religions offer this function, allowing those who believe in divine revelation to return to communion with others who share their community identity for the good of their society. Many of our contributors come from religious backgrounds while still maintaining that faith is a mystery and choosing to believe is done out of necessity for maintaining peace and unity in society. We humbly debate with one another on issues between our particular religions while our other contributors do not subscribe to any particular religious identity. We welcome all who humbly seek truth and wish to defend each other’s rights to continue to do so.

To become a Brand Ambassador for the Classy Libertarian, one must simply agree to these principles and apply to join on our site. However, because the libertarian political paradigm is inherently volatile in the pursuit of truth, many strange characters have given the philosophy a distasteful identity and that is why we are seeking individuals with strong moral character and a desire for refinement.

Our goal is to rebrand the liberty movement by encouraging fraternal brotherhood for men who fearlessly seek to bring honor to their communities for all eternity. Together we strengthen one another, challenge one another and debate new ideas towards the ideological evolution of humanity. We hope you will enjoy our site’s content and think about joining our ranks in your own time.


William Z. Nardi, Founder