About Us

Our Principles

There’s neckbeards, there’s neocons, and then there’s us. The liberty and conservative movements cast a wide net, and we’re here to filter through the madness.

Clarity: We strive to provide clarity on issues typically propagandized for political expediency.

Charity: Instead of magnifying our grievances, we believe life can only be lived when we genuinely seek the good in ourselves and in others, encouraging and offering the support we hope others would offer us. Note we do not promote transactional relationships. Charity is never given with the expectation of something in return.

Hilarity: With all this clarity and charity, we feel comfortable enough to laugh at ourselves, as well as offering light-hearted wit to the game of politics.

In essence, The Classy Libertarian (a play on classically liberal) represents the best of our movement, run by top activists around the world, coming together behind one united front.

Philosophical Underpinnings

We believe our minds exist in ideological anarchy. Every human is free to choose for themselves what they believe and libertarians are unafraid to admit that conscience is self-restrained. We believe governments exist to protect that liberty and that the highest purpose of all humans is to pursue truth, beauty, and meaning in our lives.

When forcibly constrained, we radiate like hot coals against our oppressors until we are free to expand once more. Yet, “Freedom as an end in itself, freedom to “do what I want,” leaves us with a profound restlessness and despair. Freedom is in its fullest splendor when it is aligned with truth.”

(l)ibertarian Political Ideology?

Whereas the Libertarian political party uses an uppercase (L), we represent the ideology with a lowercase (l). Pinning down a particular definition is difficult because we shape our ideologies differently based on our worldviews, yet our particular brand can be defined as this: the belief that government should have as little voluntary control over our lives as possible and that society flourishes when self-restrained.