About Us

We live in ideological anarchy. Every human is free to choose for themselves what they believe and libertarians are unafraid to admit that conscience is self-restrained. We believe governments exist to protect that liberty and that the highest purpose of all humans is to pursue truth, beauty, and meaning in our lives.

When forcibly constrained, we radiate like hot coals against our oppressors until we are free to expand once more. Yet, “Freedom as an end in itself, freedom to “do what I want,” leaves us with a profound restlessness and despair. Freedom is in its fullest splendor when it is aligned with truth.”

The Classy Libertarian was founded in December of 2018 as a wing of Students For Liberty to further our parent company’s mission to educate, develop and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty. We do this by educating readers with the ideas of liberty which shape our worldviews, developing young writers skills with crafting a narrative using abstract political ideas and empowering them to fight for the magic of life.

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